Although not yet released, here's information about what the full game will consist of!


Why sit there trying to survive against a never ending onslaught of enemies? Why not put your jackets on and try Story Mode instead!

Featuring comic book cut-scenes, follow Kim's strange and wacky misadventure, caused by a simple breakfast gone wrong!


Explore and battle through at least TEN huge areas full of fun, packed with puns, jammed with jokes... (You get the idea) each with their own epic boss fights, unique array of enemies and characters, Easter-Eggs and Secrets! Spooky!
Grab upgrades at the local McYam's, find 4 new allies and utilise their unique abilities in order to save both Potato-kind and the whole world from a new, devastating POTATO BLIGHT!


Survival, Battle and (Daily and/or Weekly) Challenge mode will feature in the game!

Survival Mode will be similar to what it already is, but will be updated to feature all-new enemies and stages.

Battle Mode will be a new multiplayer only mode, with mechanics moulded to create awesome Player vs Player situations.

The new modes will feature new, interactive arenas based on the Story Mode worlds, adapted to provide the best experience possible.

Challenge Mode will be the most unique gamemode. It will consist of difficult or easy challenges which unlock special credits used to unlock additional in-game content!
Challenges could be a simple as knocking out an innocent bystander with one potato, or as complex as performing a quintuple potato bounce K.O, whilst doing ollies and kickflips.
Challenges will either be set daily, weekly or both.


Similar to Challenges, as they provide in-game credits, but instead they are always available but can only be achieved once.
However, they also provide a good way for you to brag about how good you are at the game!


Be rewarded for playing by using in-game credits to unlock extra content!
New content could be upgrades, new player skins/outfits, minigames or even secret extensions to the storyline!


This feature may be added later, but DO expect it!
Show off you best skills to the world! Best survival games! Best speed runs of story mode! MORE! SHARE IT ALL!


Not only will the game be on Windows PC, with enough support, you'll be seeing this game on Mac/Linux systems, home consoles, handheld and mobile devices!
More support will be necessary for the major platforms, due to prices of hardware and developer licenses.

Why not, in the meantime, have a sneak-peek photo of the Android version?



The full game's going to have totally new graphics and audio!
Most of the current graphics and audio is placeholder and/or from the original version made in 48 hours, so they're not very high quality. For this reason, the full game will feature fully redrawn and reanimated graphics, as well as professionally composed music, new sounds an more, to make the game look and sound AWESOME!
For example, here is a first redraft of Sunset Ride:


This is much better, featuring new HUD and visuals that don't make your eyes bleed.
That's not even the final draft, so it's all going to be improved even further!